About the Artists...

easels in the garden

Photos of this year’s event.

Many of the following artists attended the 2018 event.

Vikki Angel

Mark Arnold

Callie Baker

Rhonda Bates

Brenda Behr

Paul Blankenship

Kathy Bockelman

Debbie Boyle

Lee Cahoon

Randy Cox

Wes DeCamp

Belinda Flynn

Debby Freeman

Kathy George

Barbara Gernat

Cheryl Gettinger

Gabrielle Graber

Mary Gregory

Sis Hall

Connie Hoffman

Lyn Jenkins

Serena Koltzau

Caitlin MacDonald

Marian MacGowan

Shade Maret

Missy Middleton

Frank Miglorie

Ann Neely

Maritoka Palmer

Trisha Paniczko

Jaquelin Perry

Brad Price

Fen Rascoe

Tully Ryan

Robin Sams

Margie Sawyer

Sam Shelby

Linda Starr

Lyn Swain

Eric Swenson

Denise Wynn

Margi Wynn

Photos of the 2016 event.

Photos of the 2014 event.


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