Cupola House Tour

These are but a few of the treasures preserved as part of the Cupola House and its furnishings. The collection and the building have been preserved or acquired by the Association through purchases, gifts, or loans.

Each piece is carefully assessed as to its appropriateness to the period of the house. Furniture made in North Carolina is particularly desired, although the Association is aware many original pieces came from various areas. Each piece is studied and listed in accurate display item records.

The most striking visual impact comes from the house and its magnificent woodwork. The woodwork consists of pediments, mantels, and moldings and is unique and extravagantly decorative.

This elaborate and delightfully beautiful Georgian woodwork is the heart of the Cupola House. The near tragedy of losing these images for all time would have become a reality had it not been saved for posterity through the unselfish gifts of love and dedication to preservation by all those who have been, or are now part of the Cupola House Association.

The following pictures show a thumbnail view of what one would see during a visit to this historically significant house.

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